Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi Friends! After much deliberation, I've decided that I am going to stop producing kits for the designs I sell. I am so sorry if this inconveniences anyone, because I know some of you really like your kits. Because of this, the decision was difficult, but I decided that I needed to cut down on the number of projects I have and making kits has been the least successful of all my endeavors.

I will, however, continue to offer exciting new projects in pattern form through my website,, my Etsy shop, and my trunk shows when I travel to teach.

I hope that by not making any more kits, I will be able to produce more designs and keep my store updated with fresh new patterns for sale, free patterns, video tutorials, and much more!

In the mean time, I'm cutting down on my bead and crystal stock that I was using to make kits. You can find lots of my precious baubles I'm parting with on my Etsy site: Here's a preview of some of my treasure I have to let go!

There's lots more on my Etsy site and much more to come!

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